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Friday, 28 June 2013

Coming Soon ........................

My next pattern is coming along nicely - a lovely pattern for a pram blanket that can be adjusted to cot blanket and lap blanket size.

Its made up of a number of different patterned squares so that novice knitters can try their hand at some colour work, cabling and lace, but if they find any of these not to their taste they can substitute it for a different square.

I'm also going to include instructions for 2 different types of edging so the knitter can personalise the design.

It's aimed at the novice who wants to tip their toe into some new skills without having to worry about fiddly shapings (its made in relatively small squares and sewed together) but it's also got enough in it to keep the more experienced knitter interested!

Pictures and pattern will be up before next Friday and will be free of charge, it's also available printed from Hickeys of Cruises Street Limerick and Hickeys Home Focus, Parkway Retail Park, Limerick, again free of charge with any purchase of yarn.

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