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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A Handmade Christmas

Every year craters set themselves a huge workload - crafting some of their Christmas gifts.  I too have done this over the years, it seems natural that you should make personal items for those you hold closest.  The idea of wrapping your loved ones in something that you used your talents and love to make is a wonderful one but every year without fail at some point in December you realise that the idea of making that King Sized throw for your sister was just unrealistic and you head to Boots and pick up a gift set!

So this years challenge will be somewhat limited - I start back to full time work next Monday - but I still want to make some handmade items for those I hold closest.

My 90 years young great aunt loves hand made socks so I've pulled out my Nancy Bush Knitting on The Road book and some King Cole ZigZag (easy to care for) and I'm casting on today for her.  But who else, after 14 years of marriage I just made my first ever item for my husband - a hat!  I am really tempted to make him a jumper but I want to keep it a secret so if I've given myself a deadline of the end of October - If I can finish both pairs of socks for Aunty Kitty and some of the scarfs and hats for my friends kids I will buy the yarn for James's sweater (luckily he's oblivious to my blog).  I'll have to knit it when he's not in the house - but since he works shift it shouldn't be a problem.

So wish me luck and keep an eye here for my progress.

By the way I haven't abandoned my recipes - I'll be posting up a Chocolate Brownie Recipe this week which is fool proof!